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No Ceiling Just Sky™ Institute

We bring a 360° approach to human evolvement

Why the NCJSI?

  • Are you already successful and know you can achieve more but aren't sure how?
  • Are you a high potential who wants to evolve into your leadership?
  • Are you a solopreneur or working on an amazing project but don't know how to formalize it into a business or take it mainstream and want to?
  • Is your organization continuously reinventing to stay ahead of the curve? What if you could dance with change, make that the norm and redefine the way you do business?
  • Are you wondering who the next leaders will be for your organization?
  • If your answer was "Yes!" to any of the above, you're in the right place.
There is nothing cookie cutter about what we do.
Things happen. Life happens.
We work with that.
We bring to the table whatever is necessary to get you and your organization moving, growing and evolving.

We will help you...

Dance with change;
Harness chaos;
Create something great;
Act on what's meaningful to you;
Make space for it all to happen, and
Give yourself permission to be unique.


Our "brand-new" addition to the Institute. A 'container' within
which we accelerate people, ideas, frameworks and
organizations. Donna brings her unique, tried
and true approach that she uses with TED Fellows,
entrepreneurs and thought leaders.



Do you want to be one of millions or one in a million? Donna will help you figure out how and where you shine, discover your unique brand and how to build on it.


A Better Perspective®

We specialize in creating remarkable people.

We bring a dynamic, strengths-focused, systems-based approach to leadership development.
Learn more 


New!! The inCUBEatory

Our 'Brand-New' incubator where we accelerate people, ideas, models and frameworks to grow individuals and their oganizations. Learn more


School of Shadow Coaching®

A model of coaching accredited by the ICF, that bursts old paradigms; an intensive training designed for senior, experienced coaches. This model gets results and brings a 360° perspective to clients and their worlds. Learn more


Mindsful™ Development Team

We brought together people with unique life experiences to collaborate and create models and frameworks that support clients and coaches, worldwide. Learn more

Options to work with us



You've got Donna for two hours by phone or video-call to pick her brain, identify a roadblock, brainstorm, get moving and figure things out.



This is 4 hours by phone or video call booked in 1 - 2 hour sessions over a period of 1 year from the booking date to create a framework, discuss approaches, marketing, one or two major issues to deal with, whatever needed to remove a roadblock or build a successful business or practice. This includes review of up to 5 pages of documents prior to the call. *



This is a full day in person (when possible) or 8 hours by phone or video call to use in 1 - 2 hour sessions over a period of 1 year from the booking date to do a deep dive into creating something sustainable that you can work with and grow. *



The No Ceiling, Just Sky package. We'll work over a period of time to hone your talents and skills, remove roadblocks, reinvent how you're doing your work and getting the word out and anything else it takes.

Superconductivity at its best. Donna will meet with you in person and fill in the gaps with phone calls, email and whatever else it takes to keep you moving and growing. You will feel coached 24/7! 

This is just a sampling of the myriad of ways we can work with you. Contact us for more information.

If you want to impact the entire organization, ask Donna about her Organizational Lightning Round Coaching Packages. These are booked over a period of a year where Donna will come to your organization and, in addition to working with identified leaders, reserve 2 - 5 days a month to work with anyone on a first come first served basis. This shifts the culture of an entire organization.

***If you prefer working with Donna in-person, then you pick up all expenses for travel, hotel, meals and transportation.***


Founder and Principal

Donna is a world-renowned pioneer in leadership coaching. She has a 35+ year track record in helping people become remarkable. She's an award-winner author, keynote speaker and is best known as The Shadow Coach®. She's Coach to the TED Fellows, and works with leaders and high potentials in Fortune 100 companies, entrepreneurs, governments, heads of state and anyone dealing with chaos, volatility and crises in many parts of the globe. Click here for more.

For more information check out Donna's LinkedIn page

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